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Ouch, that Hz!

2009-05-15 18:37:35 by SageRiku

Users may notice that some of my songs become very quiet, even beyond audibility. This is due to the tracks' high dynamic range.

In reality, the song has not gone silent at all. Orchestral music typically has a large difference between the softest and loudest sounds. That is high dynamic range in audio, which has relatively no compression whatsoever. It may beg a few notches louder on your speakers.

The songs made by your favorite artists are more likely to be a bit more compressed and the softer sounds a bit louder than orchestral music, but still retaining some snap, particularly in the drums.

So the next time you listen to classical or soundtrack music, keep in mind the dynamic range involved that makes it sound so expansive.


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2009-05-15 19:53:33

Awesome story bro!